Thursday, 20 January 2011

Band of the Week

Usually Band of the Week will probably be on a Sunday, but as the blog has only just started I don't care that it's a Thursday. Let's just pretend it's Sunday. That way I can be listening to The Vaccines new single that comes out then. Everyone probably dislikes them now anyway because they have been ruined by the media. I'm probably ruining them a bit more by talking about them now... But they are amazing. Which is why they get a mention in the blog. Nevertheless they aren't the Band of the Week. Maybe they will be next week when the single is out. The Band of the Week for me are Freelance Whales. I don't care that their album came out last year, I only just discovered them. Having said that, the band as a whole only just make it above mediocrity. So it's more of a Song of the Week... 'Generator ^ First Floor'. They sound a bit like Noah and the Whale had sex with Owl City, gave birth to a band who grew up to marry Death Cab for Cutie but committed adultery with Mumford & Sons.

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